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It is obtained from the Prosecco grapes of the pleasant Conegliano Veneto hills that are wilted on rush matting and pressed between January and mid-February.
The very slow fermentation of the thick juice in oak kegs that extends until the summer and the long maturation give the wine a particularly inviting and enveloping fragrance and a generous and persistent flavour.
It is great as both a dessert and meditation wine. Tradition has it that it is served with dry biscuits and jam tarts in general. To accentuate its pleasantness, serve chilled.

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AREA OF ORIGIN The hills of Conegliano Veneto.

HARVEST The best grapes are selected and set out to wilt on rush matting in a large loft (particularly ventilated dry).

VINES Glera.

VITIFICATION The grape pressing period is January-February; partial slow fermentation in oak casks and then in a steel container.

AGEING In steel containers.

REFINEMENT In the bottle.

COLOUR Pale sparkling orange.

LONGEVITY Several years (10-20 and more).

FRAGRANCE Full, ethereal, inviting, spicy. Compote fruit is particularly recognised: apricots, pears, almonds and spices such as cinnamon.

FLAVOUR Sweet, Full, Generous, Persistent.

RECOMMENDED SERVING TEMPERATURE To accentuate its pleasantness, serve just chilled.

IDEAL COMBINATIONS Great dessert and meditation wine. Tradition has it that it be served at the end of the meal with dry biscuits: macaroons - “brutti e buoni” and “cantucci” - “rosegote” and jam tarts in general. Also due to its pleasant sensation of “cleanness”, it is great for accompanying apple and pear pies with chantilly cream.

STANDARD ANALYSIS Alcohol 14,50 % Vol. Total acidity 6.00 g/l Dry extract 80 g/l

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