In our villages it is tradition to gather beneath the balconies, and customary to drink a glass of lively Prosecco while chatting. We wanted to pay homage to this old tradition with this product obtained from grapes coming from selected vineyards. Obtained after careful on marc fermentation (without the skins), the wine is left to rest during the cold winters, which strip it of tartar and make it clear. The second stage is started, refermentation with the charmat method. Selected yeasts able to ferment under pressure and at rather low temperatures and sugar in amounts such as to get the desired pressure with the next fermentation and the right pleasantness are added to the wine. The wine fermented at a temperature of about 15°C will reach the desired pressure about thirty days later. At this point the fermentation is blocked by refrigerating the autoclaves. The yeast drops to the bottom and the wine is ready for bottling after remaining at this temperature for 8-10 days.

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AREA OF ORIGIN Selected “D.O.C.” label areas.

VINES Glera.

VINIFICATION Must obtained with light pressing using a horizontal press, and then fermentation of the clear must at controlled temperature with selected yeasts.

AGEING In steel container at controlled temperature.

REFINEMENT In the bottle.

COLOUR Pale yellow, sparkling.

LONGEVITY 12 - 20 months, depending on the temperature and brightness of the place of preservation.

FRAGRANCE Intense usual fragrance of fruit with scents of peach, pear, banana, green apple with sensations of citrus fruit that fade into floral with notes of wisteria and acacia.

FLAVOUR In the mouth the wine is well-proportioned, smooth and enveloping, but at the same time dry owing to its fresh acidity.


RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS It is the Prosecco best suited as an aperitif or between meals drink, and combines aroma and velvety tastiness with the sharp liveliness of its perlage. It is excellent with savoury snacks. Combined with food, we recommend legume soups and seafood, pasta with mild meat sauces, fresh cheeses and white meat.

STANDARD ANALYSIS Alcohol 11.00 % Vol. Total acidity 5,80 g/l Sugar 15 - 16 g/l

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